Patient Testimonial

John Levine

John Levine Before suffering a stroke in December 2011, John Levine enjoyed an active lifestyle that included spending time with his wife, Catherine, in sunny Florida during cold Pennsylvania winters.

John and Cathy thought their “snowbird” lifestyle was over, until he completed his rehabilitation following his stroke.  HealthSouth Rehabilitation of Mechanicsburg was proud to be part of his recovery.

John was only 67 years old when he suffered a large hemorrhagic stroke that resulted in paralysis of his left side and dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. After a complicated hospital stay, John was transferred to a skilled nursing facility, where he was able to start his rehabilitation.

John eventually was able to transfer to HealthSouth’s Second Chance Stroke Program and began his therapy under the direction of the neuro trained physical, occupational and speech therapists.

Advanced technology for stroke rehabilitation and disease-specific certification for stroke by The Joint Commission were the main reason John and Cathy knew he needed to be at HealthSouth. “Karen, my physical therapist, had me walking up and down stairs and on a stepladder, because she knew that I needed to do those things to feel more comfortable once I got home. The physical and occupational therapy teams were great and I would recommend HealthSouth to other stroke patients.” John said.

John progressed rapidly and within 16 days, he was able to leave his wheelchair inside the front doors and walk outside with his wife Catherine by his side. He is currently receiving outpatient therapy utilizing the same advanced technology he was able to use as an inpatient. He is especially fond of the REO therapy, a computerized, robot assisted therapy program that delivers highly engaging arm exercises to retrain the arm movements. Therapeutic exercises in HealthSouth’s pool were also a favorite of John’s.

Asked if Florida is in the plans for this winter, John enthusiastically said he already has the trip arranged.


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