HealthSouth Mechanicsburg Therapy Team Leader Honored with Companywide Award


Karen Burket Mechanicsburg, Pa. – As therapy team leader, Karen Burket views herself as an architect in her profession by planning, designing and overseeing the care of her patients and the growth of the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Mechanicsburg therapy team.

Karen, one of only six finalists out of 24,000 HealthSouth employees, received annual recognition as an outstanding employee and was honored at an award banquet held yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama. Award winners are selected based on their performance in four areas: contributions to extraordinary patient experience, team spirit and cooperation, commitment to continuous quality improvement and going above and beyond the call of duty. The process began with each of the 107 hospitals honoring a hospital employee of the year. Then, six finalists were named at the regional level; and one overall recipient was named for the company.

“Karen is a lynch pin to many key components of HealthSouth Mechanicsburg’s patient care activities and initiatives,” said Mark Freeburn, CEO of HealthSouth Mechanicsburg. “Karen’s compassion and hope for all our patients is palpable. Her willingness to push the boundaries forward for the hospital’s programs and her patients’ personal outcomes makes her a deserving recipient of this honor.”

Karen’s design of creative and functional treatment programs for patients ties together the patient’s goals with the plan of action. She was instrumental in developing the therapy that was implemented in HealthSouth Mechanicsburg’s wound care program and created a modified indoor terrain park to help patients learn to walk in different environments and gain real world therapy for successful transitions home.

 “That’s just the way we’ve always done it,” is a statement Karen recognizes does not meet the needs of the patient and family. As a progressive leader among her peers, she educates and motivates the HealthSouth Mechanicsburg team to adapt and view change in a positive light. Karen identifies staff and patient goals and develops continuing education courses to improve processes and patient experience.

To learn more about Karen, click here to watch a short video.

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Source: HealthSouth Corporation

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